Welcome to Terabyte

 As we enter the digital age we must prepare for  our relationships  with media to change in unforeseen ways. New paradigms emerge as new technologies are adopted and old technologies are used in new and exiting ways. As the power of the media becomes less centralized, new patterns will emerge from the chaos. We at Terabyte will be a part of these new patterns that will ultimately redefine how the human race interacts and sees itself in the 21st Century.


Terabyte is about harnessing the incredible power of the personal computer of today. What would Shakespeare, Mozart or Welles  have done with a Macintosh? Terabyte is about belief in the genius inside. In unlocking the ancient knowledge inside each of us. Terabyte is about magic.


None of us know exactly where it will all end up. But hopefully, we will be becoming more evolved, closer knit and closer to understanding each other and ourselves. Hopefully more great work will make it out there, less stuff designed in corporate boardrooms, more stuff designed by writers, directors and musicians, giving all of us more pure unfiltered brilliance.